Service and Maintenance

To ensure long-term functionality, it is necessary and also prescribed at certain intervals for servicing to be performed by qualified expert staff.

We offer maintenance contracts with our service partners, who then document operating condition in their maintenance reports. To minimize operating costs, reporting includes removal of separated petroleum products and sludge where necessary, with disposal to be handled through an order by a waste disposal company licensed to handle hazardous waste.

To companies that are licensed to dispose of hazardous waste and to maintain oil-water separators and grease separators, we can offer their staff professional training. Drafting of training records for a minimum two staff members is a paid service. Klartec will invoice training in servicing its oil-water separators and grease traps for the following: changing traps, describing the action of KL oil-water separators, describing the function of individual oil-water separator parts, maintenance and the like.

Training records are necessary in order to participate in tenders put to bid by oil-water separator and grease trap operators when they select service suppliers to service and maintain traps.