About us

Klartec, spol. s.r.o. manufactures environmental technology and precast concrete products. KLARTEC, spol. s.r.o. is a family company founded by experts in technology, law and business, which from the beginning has been dedicated to protecting the environment.

Our customers like working with us for the following reasons:

1. We supply complete services - our range of products can fully cover orders from construction firms in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. In addition to concrete products and technology for the environment, we provide support and technical advice, installation, servicing and transport.

2. We operate our own concrete plant - our own concrete mixing plant at Malženice pri Trnave can meet unusual customer requirements without delivery having to be unduly prolonged.

3. Our team is stable - we stress building loyalty among our employees and their professional growth. Regular training and many years of experience are a guarantee that our staff will provide customers with professional advice, as it comes from actual experience in manufacturing, installation and servicing.

4. Our prices are reasonable - we both manufacture and sell our products. In-house production allows us to keep our prices affordable. Yet everything depends in the end on our customers getting products from us that meet their demands and technical standards.

5. We are an established company operating throughout the Slovak Republic and, having also entered the Czech market in 2008 with the establishment of Klartec cz s.r.o. We also have a sales office in Hungary.